How do I change OCR data scraping parameters after I set up the wizard?

I set up a data scraping wizard to use OCR. I did this a few times, and now I’d like to change the OCR engine of one of the datascraping activities. However, I can’t ever get back to the data scraping wizard to change the OCR engine. In this case, that’s all I want to change.


Could you please show me Screenshot of that for better understanding.

Yes, a screenshot should work to show me where to change it.


Can you share a screenshot of your workflow so that we can understand your question better?

I’m not sure that this provides any additional information to assist with this question.

OCR details

This is the ACME site correct? I don’t understand why you are using OCR to capture this value. There are much easier and reliable activities to extract this value… The best one is the Get Full Text activity…

Is there any specific reason to not use that and use OCR here? :thinking:

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so you mean like you are facing issue in installing the TESSARACT OCR, or facing issue in replacing the MICROSOFT OCR with tessaract
sorry i didnt get the question

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I’m doing OCR because that’s the only thing that works. I can’t seem to do half the stuff they showed in the classes for a variety of reasons. Since there were so many classes in the curriculum about OCR, I figured this was how they wanted it.

I don’t mind exploring other options, but I do still want an answer to my original question, since I will surely have to use OCR when I get around to actually using UIPath. OCR is pretty much useless if you can’t even change settings and have to redo sections over and over again, drag this, remove that, … to make adjustments. You would effectively need a bot to automate the rehash of changing the OCR settings, which is ironic. Actual irony, not the Alanais Morissette kind.

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I have 2 activities set up with Microsoft, and one with Tessaract. I want to change one of the Microsoft activities to Tessaract.

awesome, so may i know what is the issue you were facing in changing, as you say you have already one with TESSARACT

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Guys, stop dodging the issue. Thank you for replying, but this is a simple question. Stop trying to create a XY problem out of this. Is there not a way to change OCR parameters after the wizard???


Does the lack of a response mean that you cannot update any OCR settings once you leave the wizard? That sounds crazy and completely un user friendly.

I eventually found 2 forum posts that covered changing the OCR engine. The jist of it is that it’s a GUI drag and drop replacement kind of thing. Still haven’t figured out how to change other parameters yet though. For example, the 1-digit value that I think controls sensitivity or whatever it’s called. Defaults to 3 IIRC.

Search engines and other forum posts keep pointing me to this page, which is completely unrelated. I’m not sure why this keeps popping up.

I did grab a screenshot from that page though. The poorly circled settings are what I’d like to be able to change. I can’t get back to this GUI though. UIExplorer just shows some HTML tags.