Specific Data JSON Schema not validating

I have a queue with a simple but valid Specific Data JSON Schema loaded. I have a workflow that uploads items with an Add Queue Item activity. When I add required fields to the schema, the queue item will no longer upload even though the field is present in the JSON string. If I add restrictions such as minimum length to a string, it isn’t enforced.

I am passing the JSON string as a parameter in the ItemInformation in the Add Queue Item. Should I be using some other activity or method to add the queue items?

Or can someone provide an example project that demonstrates the use of the Specific Data JSON Schema feature with an Add Queue Item activity?

Thanks in advance…

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Why don’t you first extract the Key Value Pair from Json and then add it to Add to Queue Item Information.

The items in ItemInformation are not validated against the JSON schema.

I found 2 ways to make this work.

First, use the Add Queue Item activity and pass your data in the ItemInformationCollection. This must be a dictionary. If the dictionary matches the JSON schema, the add will succeed and each key/value pair will be an element in the Specific Data . If it does not meet the JSON schema rules, it will fail.

Second, use the Orchestrator HTTP Request and include the data as a JSON string in the Specific Data element of the payload. The data will be validated against the schema and a queue item added.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Vikas.

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