Sorting inputs with Excel Columns

Just looking for a little help…not sure if there is a string I can use, or try going the filter database way, but thought I would ask here first.

Attached is an example…I have a spreadsheet where it asks the user to choose 1 choice from each of the 4 columns (4 choices within each)…after they make their choice, I want the excel file to show an output matching only the lines in the excel file that contains all 4 of there choices…




  1. Use read range to extract the data to a datatable, dtInputData.
  2. Request input from user (NumFilter, letterFilter, colorFilter, seasonFilter)
  3. Use Filter Datatable activity and specify the filter columns and the values taken in step 2. Assign the output to a new datatable, dtOutputData
  4. now use write range and write the values into your excel by setting add header to true. You have to specify range to the original range in the step 1 as the additional rows should be removed. Use,

“A1:D” + dtInputData.Rows.Count

Hope this is helpful!

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I followed your directions and looks like I got it working…bit of a pain to add each option inside the filter table, but it works so I’m happy.