How to filter multiple columns in excel sheet?

I have 6 columns, to filter those columns, how do filter that column one by one?
first I want to filter the first column, process data present on that column then want to process the next column.


I guess you can apply all conditions together at same time.

If it is not work for you then try like this.

    OutputDT = InputDT.Select("Column1 = 'Value'").CopyToDataTable

   OutputDT = OutputDT.Select("Column2 = 'Value'").CopyToDataTable

    OutputDT = OutputDT.Select("Column3 = 'Value'").CopyToDataTable

And so on…

Screenshot 2021-09-22 140651

not working this logic

Hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

As @lakshman suggested Column Name is the Excel column name which you need to Filter

InputDt.Select("[yourColumnname] =‘FilterValue’").CopyToDatatable


Hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

Can you share the Excel file?

  1. Use Read Range Activity - Read the Corresponding excel file.
  2. Use Filter dataTable activity - What column you want to filter
  3. Do your requirement process
  4. Use write range activity - write the values in the Excel file.

Note: Do it for all columns One by One

I used this same logic in my process
but I want to filter multiple columns.

i want to filtered multiple columns one by one with same value.

Can you share the excel file and more about the Filter process?

Can you share the screenshot of the workflow? @Priyanka_Jadhav1

Input.xlsx (17.0 KB)

Can you share the screenshot of the workflow? What column to be Filter in the excel?


Screenshot 2021-09-22 145231

Screenshot 2021-09-22 145331

if I run the file then output DT is Blank.

how to filter remaining rows in DT?

Hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

Can you share the Excepted Output Screenshot?


Hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

You can try with below work flow and Excel file
Dummy.xaml (7.6 KB)

Input (2).xlsx (17.6 KB)

  • Filter DataTable must “Contains” → x


Hope it will work

Screenshot 2021-09-22 154734
Input DT