Sorting different PDFs Files based on date & invoice number

Hi guys, will appreciate your help on this

The requirements are to:

  1. Scan through the PDFs Files based on invoice number & date
  2. Merge the PDFs Files based on invoice number & Date (Earliest to Latest)

Currently what the program is able to do is read all the PDFs files and receive the output. However, I am unable to obtain sort the PDFs accordingly to invoice number & Date (Earliest to Latest) and merge the files together. Do I need to use a switch case or?

Is there any tips or videos I can look into getting the above requirements solved?


Welcome to our UiPath community.

  1. Use Build DataTable activity to create table and mention 3 columns as FileName, Invoice Number and Invoice Date.

  2. And use Read PDF Text or Read PDF with OCR activity to read the data from pdf file and extract Invoice number and date and add it to above DataTable.

  3. Sort the data based on Invoice Date after iterating all pdf files.

  4. Finally use Merge PDF activity to merge all pdf files.

Thank you for your response!

As for the point 2,

After extracting the entire data from the pdf, may I know how do I filter out the required info which is the Invoice number and date to add it into the datatable.

Or is it easier to use Get Text?


Use Regular expression or String manipulation functions to fetch Invoice number and date from pdf file.