Sorting a table

hello i am new to uipath .so i am trying to sort a table with colours column.somehow the sequence is executed but the excel isnt keeps giving me the same table without sorting.there are no errors coming.thank you

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You can use sort data table activity buddy @vidhya28

  1. Use excel application scope o get the excel data
  2. Uee read range activity to get the data from the Excel and get the output variable as out_dt
  3. Use sort datatable activity with column name or columnindex as input to this activity property and you will get the sorted datatable as output
  4. Use write range activity to enter that data to a excel
  5. Thats all buddy you are all done



thank you so much.i am new to testing and i am learning abt uipath for that, i got it sorted.thank you for the solution

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Thts amazing buddy…
Keep going…you are doing good…
Kindly close this topic with the right comment marked as solution that could help others looking for ideas under your topic…

Cheers … @vidhya28 buddy

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