Sort column within an open application in chrome

I’m really new to using uipath and am trying to enhance an existing bot and find the right activity to sort a column (Network Status) within an application(click twice on column header). I’ve tried everything but am unable to find the right combination to get it done, not sure if I dont have the arguments or variables right either. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Tried to attach a screen shot

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U can try to use double click and then sort the data

@joshua.reynolds Are you trying to sort columns of a table in a web Application, if so can you tell us How would you manually sort the columns as you need. Maybe we can replicate the same method.


The screen shot above is a popup window that retrieves address information within an web application in Chrome but I need to sort on the popup window on the “Network Status” column to get ONNET to the top selection so the bot can click the check box on the first option and click ok.


Maybe there is a problem with attaching window if this is a popup window. You can try use Attache Window on this specific popup and then use Double Click in the Scope on the Header Network Status to sort it.


When you double click on the column header it sorts the data(as a user) but wasnt able to make it work with just double click.