Something seems not to be working well with the Acme System tutorial

So I’m currently following the Acme System tutorial on the Academy portal training, I’ve followed all the steps exactly as the video shows, but the outcome is different. I think the problem is in the Excel application scope part where I type “invoices"+RetrievedMail.Attachments.First.Name” as the video shows. It only actually downloads the last attachment in the invoice folder instead of all the 4 email attachments I’ve got in the inbox. When I disable the Excel application scope step and only run the get email part, the invoice folder gets all 4 attachments.
Anyone has had similar issue? How do I solve it?

I just downloaded the process file to check if it would work - the problem is similar: only downloads attachment 4


RetreivedEmail.Attachments.First.Name will return the first name only always…may be you need to use a loop or use save attachments directly


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