Not able to complete the Assignemtn1

I am working with the Assignment 1 I completed the work flow as the per the guideline and some of the solutions read in the site. the Work follow is running but I don’t seen any records processed.

  1. ACME is logged in and data has been extracted.
  2. I get pop of the total records say example 13 second message 1 third message 13.
    opening the ShaOnline and after that it is closed.

When I track the output it is showing not
“message”: “Process finished due to no more transaction data”,
“level”: “Information”,
“logType”: “User”,
“timeStamp”: “00:52:13”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.0”,
“jobId”: “429b0649-c116-4f3f-8dda-3c47add9d963”,
“robotName”: “System1_Credential”,
“machineId”: 35945,
“organizationUnitId”: 100536,
“fileName”: “Main”,
“logF_BusinessProcessName”: “Framework”
and at the end
Close Tab: The browser was not specified for this activity. You should use this activity inside of a Browser scope (Attach Browser or Open Browser activities) or set its Browser property

Can any help to resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sudhar

Can you reset the data in the ACME system and try running it again to see whether it works

Lahiru, Thanks for your response

I reset the data multiple time but same issue…

can I send the workflow. if so please guide me how to share.


I tried reset but not working. I would like to share the work flow please how to do.