Some questions about REFramework

①Why does proces[process transaction] still go to process[get transaction data]but not [end process] though it’s result is sucessful .
②acitivity in [get transaction data] called [Check Stop Signal] come from where ? Orchestrator?
③Varables [RetryNumber] was used by who ?I can’t find it .
Thank you for your help

Hi @LeoGao,

Here the answer for your queries.

  1. Because it checks for next transaction one after the previous transaction was success. If there are no transactions in the queue then only it will go to end process.

  2. Yes. It comes from Orchestrator. Any Stop request from Orchestrator when process is running.

  3. Retry number will be in the Config File. The purpose of Retry Number is how many time the BOT should Retry the Transaction if it is not successful.



Process Transaction state will take one by one transaction from Get Transaction Data state and will process it. This process will repeat till all the transaction items completed. Once items done then it will go to End Process State.

Yes it will come from Orchestarator.
Checks if somebody stopped a running job using the Stop option in UiPath Orchestrator. This activity assures a smooth termination of a job since it prevents the sudden interruption of an ongoing process.

Check below thread for more Info.

It should be zero if you are using Orchestrator. Else we have to initialize value and it is of type integer. If any transaction got failed then we have to specify how many it will retry it.

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