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I have a few questions:
1)while the transaction is going on, and in the Orchestrator if clicked to kill then should stop activity will become true. Then what will be the status of the transaction? In progress or failed?

2)While using queue items, In the config file by default MaxretryNumber is 0 and if I changed the retry number in Orchestrator to 3, will it retry for 3 times? if failed during system exception.

3)If I am using datatable, In the config file by default MaxretryNumber is 0 and I need to retry and if I changed MaxretryNumber to 3 will it do if failed during system exception or how can I retry if failed?

Hi @Sharanabasava :slight_smile:

  1. If you chose to kill the process in orchestrator, then the transactionitem will be left as in progress and really isnt ideal, it will also leave all of your applications open and running. If you chose to stop the process in orchestrator, it will continue to process the transaction until it is finished with that transaction, whether or not it is successful or an exception of some sort, then it will mark the transaction as such and close down applications normally and stop. Stopping the process as appose to killing it is a far preferable option and should be used in most circumstances.

  2. if you are using retries set at the queue level you should set the config value to zero, and it will retry the number of times you have set at queue level. Retries set at the config level should only be used if you are not using the retry function set in the orchestrator. (this is all in the case of a system exception, Business exceptions wouldnt be retried either way.)

  3. if you are using a datatable as your transaction items instead of orchestrator queues, set the maxretrynumber in the config to your desired number and it will retry system exceptions

I hope this helps!

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This is not quite correct. It depends what the process is doing when you click kill. Sure, if it’s in the middle of a transaction then that transaction will stay In Progress. But if it has already closed the transaction and hasn’t yet gotten the next one, then no transactions are affected by a kill.

Kill doesn’t set Should Stop to true. Stop sets Should Stop to true. Kill immediately kills the process no matter what it’s doing. Stop is something your automation has to check for so you can stop gracefully.

Thank you Dillan

This item will be In Progress for 24 hrs and then it will become abandoned?

Here if I am using queue and in the config file MaxretryNumber if I set to 3 and in the Orchestrator, I didn’t set any retry will it retry for 3 times or not?

If I am using queue items and If I set maxretrynumber to 4 in the config and in the Orchestrator queue set to 3 it will overwrite and set retry to 4?

Hi @Sharanabasava ,

Please review the below thread on retry counter in config vs orchestrator queue retry. Thanks

will it overwrite from config sheet to Orchestrator? and will it set to 4?

If you are using orchestrator queue max retry you must keep zero in the config max retry counter since we use config max retry counter if we are not dealing with orchestrator.

Please refer the great post from @Palaniyappan related to this. Thanks.

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Yes because when you Get Transaction it sets the queue item to In Progress. But then you kill the Job before it can set it to Success/Fail so it just sits at In Progress until it moves to Abandoned.

No. Use one or the other, not both.

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