Issue in reading argument

Hi All,

i am extracting To, CC list from the excel and storing in argument and creating a variable to hold the argument, again in different workflow i am i have created argument and passed same agrument which has extarted information, but while sending email, it is not sending email to correct person, it send to me everytime.

here i am extarcting
and same way created argument in another workflow and passed the argument.

How to fix it.
Thanks in Advance

please make sure arguements which you calling from another workflows have proper directions and also check there any default values .
try to debug in proper way then able to fix issue


I guess your default value for variable is your email id and the argument you are passing is empty or null that is why it is taking default…can you please it properly


Hi @Anil_G ,

i checked with msgbox it is taking my emailid as argument, which is wrong, it should take whatever value is there in that argument. i really don’t understand why


To confirm keep a break point on the currentrow assign activity and check what value is being assinged and from there please do step into and keep a watch on the variable and see if the value is changing


i can see that it is taking my email id only after putting Debugger on assign activity, means it is not extracting values from excel i believe then.

how to fix it


Can you see if there are multiple variables with same name ….also is currentrow(“xxx”).ToString having correct data did you log that and check?



Please try below:

1st workflow:
Read the email details from excel and store it to argument.
No need to assign a variable mark the direction of the argument as Out.

Main (or any other place where both of the workflow are invoked):
Create an variable to hold the out argument value.

2nd workflow:
Create email ID as an in argument and in the place of invoke assign the above created value of this argument.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @Anil_G ,

there are no variables with same name.

and currentrow(“xxx”).to string is not passing the correct data, it is taking my emailid only.

i am invoking one workflow in process transaction state and whatever argument is created i have stored in main only, now in the same invoke workflow i am invoking another workflow and created few agruments and passed the arguments which holds currentrow values.

note - i am not passing the variable which holds values of first invoke workflow because it is in main workflow, so i am directly using arguments.


Then the issue lies with youe datatable…please check that…because currentrow will pass whatever is there in the datatable …and I hope you read it from excel…so start checking from there

If excel is proper check if datatable is being manipulated anywhere


i don’t think so, in the first run i am reading the input file and stored in a datatable which is default provided by framework, dt_transactionData.

After that created one workflow where i using currentrow of In_organizationdata which is my argument and later this argument is being stored in dt_transactionData

If its possible, could you please share the package?

Hi All,
it’s solved, actually it was reading inut file from local folder because not sycned properly with ondrive.

Thanks everyone for your support.

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