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Hi Everyone,
I have an array and data table consists of Name. I want to check if the Name that are in the data table match with the array. Then, it prints “ArryName=Tabledata(“Name”)” therefore, it matches. Else, it prints the Arryname and does not update status

@Shubham_Bidwai Try below solution

       Assign bol_variable = YourDatatable.AsEnumerable.Any(function(r) Yourarrayvariable.Contains(r("CoulmnName").ToString()))

Above Query will give Boolean result so check in if condition

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@indra aap thoda detail mai solution bata sakte ho kyy

@indra maine jo condition dali hai waha se data le raha hai databale mai ka per meko wo data table ke saath saath mere arrey mai jo nam hai data table ke aalawa unka absent mark krna chahiye