Check Array and datatable value matching

I have an array and data table consists of Name. I want to check if the Name that are in the data table match with the array. Then, it prints “ArryName=Tabledata” therefore, it matches. Else, it prints the Arryname and does not update status


Use for each row in datatable

Then inside that use a if condition to check if array contains the required name


Hope this helps


Hi @Shubham_Bidwai ,

One thing you can do is, loop over datatable (after read range), check for Name’s column is present in ArrayName.
For e.g. If ArrayName.Contains(CurrentRow(“Name”).ToString())
// do the steps if sheet’s Name is in Array
// do the steps if sheet’s Name is not in Array

can you show the step @Anil_G

and what can i do in if and else col

hi @Aakash_Singh_Rawat
in the way shows only the names in datatable i want all arrey name with that data table


If true then it matches and in else it does not. So whatever you need when matched can be weitten on then sode and non matched log on else side


can i talk to you in hindi

okay i will explain
i have one datatable with all employee but some employee does not fill there regular task
so in datatable does not shown in my datatable shown only filling data of that perticular employee
after that i create one arrey and fill all the amployee name
i used to if condition
if arreyname = datatable(“name”) then print the datatable row and if any employee not their then sholud write absent in data table

my current output is only data is fetching from datatable absent employee can not write in datatable