Solution for data scaping

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I’m looking for the best method to extract this data into excel. The attached actually comes from our payroll team but into word and I thought it would be easier to save them as PDF and then try to extract the data into excel. Though, not sure its easier from Word. From the videos I have watched this seems easier if its like a hotel bill with proper formatting. Any suggestions on the best way to do this?. I have 95 pages to extract made up of employees from different departments.
Thanks for any help
RossPPAYLXXX - 01 Front Sheet.pdf (52.7 KB)

Hi @rosscortb - Welcome to UiPath

Here rather than using Data Scrapping and Screen Scrapping you can use Read PDF to get the output of it.


Hi there…

I downloaded your PDF and it’s encoding is different, so conversion to Word format ruled out.

The data is seemingly structured but it might be subject to change (size, font etc) s extract fields might not work.

if you are trying to get whole data into excel of something then check out abby and ephesoft integrations in UiPath GO!.

I cannot think of any other way.

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