SOAP web service (xml)

So basically there is an api and i’m using soap , so i’m passing datatable in one of the placeholder of an xml and printing result and headers, result is fine but for the header the code should be like Dictionary (of string,string).item(key as string) but if i add this logic in message box then i’m facing issues (i wish if i can share the endpoint but i can’t) , i simply want to know how you print the headers elements (what’s the code for it)

Are you asking how to get column headers of a data table? If so use the below code.

For Each column As DataColumn In dataTable.Columns


i was talking about this header option

Which is this activity? I think you need to pass headers as a dictionary.

Hi @bbarik1994

If you are on the latest version 2019.4, you might be interested in this SOAP service for your library processes: