Error while using "SOAP Request" activity


Using a “Soap Request” activity, I am trying to get a response from a SOAP (WSDL) call.
I am passing 5 parameters.

Instead of the complete response, I am just getting “System.Data.DataSet”.

I have tried creating, but was not able to add parameters.

Works as expected in SoapUI.

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Thank you for looking.


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Hi @sumitd

What was the issue there? Normally it should allow you to initialize a variable needed to pass the parameters, as per this very long, but somewhat helpful Orchestrator Swagger tutorial here:
#FeatureBlog - 19.4 - SOAP and Swagger (based REST services for Library projects)

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Thanks @loginerror - will go through the tutorial.

Also, is there no fix for the actual error - Just receiving “System.Data.DataSet” as response?

@loginerror - this post from you is super helpful - thanks for sharing.

After all configurations are done, I am still getting System.Data.DataSet as the response.


Not sure what I am missing. Could you please suggest.

Thank you!

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I did a quick research :sweat_smile:

Basically, I think it was already working properly the first time.

The System.Data.DataSet variable is basically a collection of System.Data.DataTable variables

To access them, you can simply use this syntax:


This will return you the DataTable variable, which you can then use however you want.

For example, to output the content to the Output panel:

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Holy ****! That’s it - that was an amazing catch @loginerror - thank you very much for your support - much appreciated! I should have noticed this earlier :slight_smile:

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@loginerror - would like to add that result.Tables(0) will be “called” different for different APIs.

In my case, it was called GetOrderHistoryResult.Tables(0)

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