SOAP UI request

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How to give the soap request in SOAP Request activity. I have given the wsdl and click on get icon and got the details. Where to give the soap request so that I will get the reponse



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Put values in “Values” field and try to invoke the service

Just giving the parameters to the request , you will send it directly.

If you want to get a session or authentication token from one method and pass it some other request, you need to use two different requests, one followed by the other and passing the output of first request as input to the second request @Kamesh

This is the error message i am getting when i place the request xml in the value section


Hi @Kamesh

Check this

Ashwin S

But I am getting the response in soap request


You don’t need to pass entire xml there. Just pass the inputs like

But we are passing the inputs as this in soap UI


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Header and Body has nearly 50 Parameters. How to go with this

You are passing headers to the SOAP request @Kamesh?

I hope , we don’t need to pass any headers and no other option to pass the request without giving the params. Just leave blank for all the optional params and pass the required :slight_smile:

If you find it hard to pass 50 params everytime,

  1. save them in the excel
  2. Read excel and store in data table
  3. convert them to a dictionary
  4. pass the dictionary values as the inputs. This will be easy if you want to change any values also :slight_smile:

Hope this is clear @Kamesh

Hi Hareesh

Sure will try that. How to do this (convert them to a dictionary)


Go to manage packages and install Microsoft.Activities.Extensions

then you will get all the dictionary related activities

Then use add to dictionary activity and create new dictionary with required types

  1. provide the key as the parameter name in soap ui
  2. Value is the value you want to enter to the params