How to set the header with SOAP request activity?

Hello, I’m trying to consume a SOAP request using the uipath SOAP request activity but it doesn’t work properly. Using software SOAP Ui the request works fine but doing it with the activity don’t. I would like to know if is there any way to give in input to the activity the header of the request because i’m afraid it doesn’t make the request in the same way I do in Soap Ui. How to add the header below to the Soap request activity? I just tried to add in Parameters property the argument ‘Action’ and the argument ‘To’ giving to them the values of the request, but it didn’t work.

Parameters Soap request activity

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Andrei_Tasca
try this

Ashwin S

Have you tried passing the params directly in the request and check what is the status you are getting? Nothing needs to be added, just send the request with the right params and check if it is retrieving you the data. We will have the XML build in the WSDL we provide for the activity, so we don’t need to pass any tags or headers.