SOAP request

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I’m using SOAP request to get data from url but it is asking for AuthenticationInfo.But authenticationInfo has two field “userName” and “password”,How to pass both value into single field of AuthenticationInfo.Please let me know if you have any solution.

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Can you please share which authentication type you would like to proceed further like Simple or Windows etc.

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I’m normally using SOAPUI to fetch the data, here I’m putting userName and password directly as like below
but I don’t know how to pass userName and password to AuthenticationInfo.


You can select “Simple” from Authentication drop down which enables you to provide user name and password.

I tried that also but getting below error…



Can you try once after deleting the AuthenticationInfo parameter from the list of names you declared.

As you’re passing the username, password explicitly , then this field is not required. Also, there is no type available in .net type with AuthenticationInfo.

I tried that also but still it is showing same error.