Soap Activities text/xml Charset=utf-8 error


I need to use SOAP request for get data. I try to integrate it the SOAP activity. But I get error like this image:

If I check this service with soapui don’t get an error.
Anyone know how to fix it?



It seems the server returns human readable error message.


So, probably you need to review your request.


Hi Yoichi,

When i try same URL, method and paramaters in soapui, i dont get it any error.
Request Properties :

Method : wsLogin
Paramaters: Bla bla bla

Whats the diffrence between uipath soap request and soapui? I add only “?wsdl” last of URL like this:
Where am i doing wrong?

Soap wizard ss:

I solve this problem like this:

1- Use HTTP request(Don’t need SOAP Request)
2- Select POST method
3- Endpoint URL without ?wsdl
4- Body Format text/xml
5- Add Body XML format
6- Add headers SOAPAction → WSlogin , Content-Type → text/xml; charset=utf-8

Run and get response :slight_smile: Hope it helps others too.

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