Snipping Tool & Outlook

How to screenshot something using Snipping Tool and then save the picture and later paste it on the body of an outlook mail? How to achieve this??
Thanks in advance!
P.S. I don’t want to attach the picture, only paste it on the body of an outlook mail.

You don’t have to use snipping tool. Try using Take Screenshot activity.


You can then have this image in the email body

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The requirement here is to use a snipping tool. To cut only particular part of the screen. How to do that?

test.xaml (8.7 KB)

check this workflow. it’s a combination of click down hover click up. hope it helps.

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Dude, your workflow is throwing validation errors when I run it in my system!

post a screenshot

yeah, you need to have the snipping tool open

Still it throws an exception it starts the snipping tool but its not clipping anything!

the point of the workflow is for you to see the logic behind it. use Click Down then Hover then Click Up.