How to take the screenshot of the particular outlook mail and paste in the excel sheet?

Please help


We can open the particular outlook mail with a START PROCESS activity once it is been found and open the mail up front in your screen

Then use TAKE SCREENSHOT Activity and get the image variable as output

Then use that variable as input to SAVE IMAGE activity and mention the filepath as well on where it has the save the image

Hope this would help you

Cheers @aparna30

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Thanks i am able to take the ss but the next thing is i need to copy that ss and then paste into the excel sheet

For pasting you can use balareva activity on excel

Cheers @aparna30

hey i am able to paste the ss in the excel but i am able to take the ss of only the first mail i need each mail screenshot


Use while loop and perform screenshot and pasting into excel steps inside loop.

Hope it will work