SMTP Outlook error

i am new to UiPath paltform and i cant send automated mail to outlook account .its showing this error " 535: 5.7.139 Authentication unsuccessful, account locked. Contact your administrator"

which account is locked over here ? sending account or recievers account?

i am sending mail from gmail account . and its sending mail to other gmail account using SMTP but not to outlook accounts . i even used outlook port and server settings.

is it because i am sending mail from gmail account to outlook account or what?

i read somewhere that microsoft has removed SMTP services from Oct 2022 onwards.

hi @mridul.badgurjar

check this out

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Hi, which password you use for SMTP activity. you need to create app password and use this password.

open gmail account
go to profile and manage your google account
then in security there is an 2 step verification turn on that and in app password create one password and use this password in your process

Hi @mridul.badgurjar

Firstly, check whether IMAP option in your Gmail Settings is enabled or not and then follow the below steps.
(For Enabling IMAP - Open your Gmail account click Settings on top right corner - click See all Settings - click Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab - Enable IMAP)

Next, click on your Mail Profile - Manage your Gmail Account - Security - 2step Verification - scroll down then you can find App Password click on that - click Select app - Select Other from drop down and then type SMTP and click on Generate - Save this Pw and Use it in Send SMTP activity Properties - In password option.

Before proceeding with above steps, you have to enable the 2step verification.

i read it but didnt get much of it . are there any new server and port settings to send mail to outlook accounts?


Ideally as you are using gmail to send it should not cause issue…can you check if your outlook imap is configured

Outlook SMTP Settings (2023 Guide).