SMTP Send mail Error Mail.Kit security authentication exception


i’m trying to send Emails using SMTP and i keep receiving this exception

i appreciate your support

@sondos_ibrahim Please verify email and password are correct

yes my Email and credentials are correct
and i’m using
Port :587
and Outlook server

What is the email domain? Are you trying to send email from outlook

If it is outlook use send outlook message activity instead of SMTP

yes i’m trying to send emails from an outlook Email but i don’t have outlook application on the machine so i’m using the SMTP server as shown in the attached screen

May be you need to read less secure apps topic. That might be the reason. If credentials are correct. Try to open manually and see if the provided credentials are working (copy and Paste).

yes i checked it manually and it works
i cant find a less secure topic about outlook i can find only google and the settings are different between google and outlook

Hey !

Are you connected on a secure wifi network (at the office for example?). It happened to me and i had to switch my connection of my laptop from wifi to cellular.

You can try that :slight_smile:

Hi @sondos_ibrahim,

May be you can try with this SMTP for outlook 365:
Give correct credentials (Username and Password)

Hello :slight_smile:

i tried that also but it didn’t work :frowning:

Hi Kaluri,
i used this server also didn’t work
and the credentials are correct i tried manually

Can you provide me the details like you are trying to connect to which domain ? Do you have the full access or need permission to connect to the SMTP server in your company take the help of IT team?

For Example,
If you are sending mail using Outlook,
You will find the SMTP Port and server address under -> Settings -> Mail -> Outlook -> POP and IMAP setting

this solution worked with gmail but still outlook not yet thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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i’m using the same SMTP server in your attachment and i don’t need permission to connect to SMTP server

@sondos_ibrahim please share me your workflow. I will use my credentials

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