Small Bug - Read & Write Text UTF-8 encoding

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Just small bug (maybe fixed on 2020, don’t know) but, while write txt files (UiPath Activity) with encoding “UTF-8” the resulting encoding is “UTF-8 with BOM”. I know is a super niche thing but we had some issues with SAP due to some files that had to loaded as UTF-8.




the bom refers need a excel file.You can check after installing excel its happens or not

Thanks for reporting, I moved it to our internal issue tracker.

Hi @RockSolid

This seems to be fixed now. Please update your System activity package to the latest version.

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Hi UiPath Team,

I read the forum Small Bug - Read & Write Text UTF-8 encoding about Read & Write Text UTF-8 Encoding and I have updated the UiPath.System.Activities to the latest version (20.10.3) as suggested in the forum. However, I still can’t write text file in UTF-8 encoding after updated. Please advise what did I miss in this activity.

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Solution: Leave Encoding type property empty in WriteTextFile activity will save text file in UTF-8 (without BOM).

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I merged your post with the topic you mentioned in case someone will search for the same :slight_smile:

i believe we have the same bug again .
Kindly see my last post.