Issue with UTF-8 BOM (Byte Order Mark) in UiPath's Encoding Implementation

I would like to address a limitation in UiPath’s built-in activities for encoding. While the activities allow us to specify the encoding, such as UTF-8, there is no option to indicate whether the generated file should include the BOM or be without the BOM. This lack of flexibility prevents users from having granular control over the file encoding.

Suggested improvement:

To enhance the encoding capabilities in UiPath, I recommend considering the following enhancements:

  1. Include an additional parameter in the activities related to encoding (e.g., Write CSV, Write Text File) that allows users to explicitly specify whether the BOM should be included or excluded for UTF-8 encoded files.

  2. Introduce separate activities or properties for specifying encoding and the presence/absence of BOM, enabling users to define their desired encoding configuration accurately.

By incorporating these improvements, UiPath users will have the flexibility to generate files with their preferred encoding and choose whether the BOM should be included or not, ensuring compatibility with various systems and applications.

How to implement?

According to the documentation of the StreamWriter class in C#, when using the constructor with the UTF8Encoding(false) parameter, it explicitly indicates that the generated file should use UTF-8 encoding without the BOM (Byte Order Mark). This is consistent with the standard behavior of the UTF-8 encoding in the .NET framework.