Slow Execution

I have a problem because I need a quick execution but the RPA are so slow. Takes like 2h with LINQ and I want to ask after see my code, if there is a possibility to reduce the execution time, because the RPA works perefctly but so slow.

The process are simple and explained on the images:

  1. First I read range of an Excel.
  2. Then I paste the info of the Excel on another Excel, and I read it again to see the blank rows.
  3. In this part, with paralel I do a bucle to set the actual date and another bucle to set 0s on the blank rows.
  4. An finally a write range to paste the info.

I’m working with 10110 values, but I think that 2h it’s a lot of time for 10110 values.


@Yoichi @ppr can you guide here

instead of the parallel just run the thw for each activities in series
also integrate some log messages for marking the steps, so you can find out where the execution is spenting the processing time

If I use the 2 bucles without paralel the time of execution are more bigger, so I need something similiar or use only LINQ with out the for each activities of UiPath, like for example for each row in code, I think because I don’t know.

the parallel activity is a pseudo parallel execution.

it is up to you to check our recommendations. Feel free to check the suggested approach:

  • filtered LINQ passed to for each for the update
  • running the two for each activities in series

What do you refer about for each activities in series?

Series / Sequence:

Okey, I tried as you say but the execution time is very very similar. Do you know another solution? I thought putting the 2 bucles in one, but I can’t with the errors. So I don’t know what can I do to reduce the execution time.

just straightforward analyzing it

finding the part where the motst part of processing time is consumed

just avoid quickfixes with the risk of sideeffect and leading to XY Problems

Th process that consumes most of the time are the bucles.

is there any chance that you can share with us the Excel which was sent to the for each activity?

Thanks, but finally I used like an algoritm with commands in Excel because with the uipath acivities the execution time was like 12h and with LINQ 2h. With this commands in Excel I reduced the time to 14 min, so thanks a lot for the help but finally I used another solution. :ok_hand:

Anyway, the question post was about a solution with LINQ and you give me that solution so I’m going to give you the solution achievement.

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