Slack Activities - Cannot read some message types

Hello all!

I have successfully integrated my Slack with UIPath using the UiPath Slack Activities Pack (Configured App in Slack, connected App to Slack with relevant permission scopes etc).

Using the ‘Get Messages’ Activity In UIPath Studio I can retrieve & Read my Slack messages however I can only retrieve but NOT read messages in Slack that we sent to Slack via a Webhook.

When trying to ‘Write Line’ of the Slack message (originally sent to Slack via webhook) the line reads ‘This content can’t be displayed’

Whereas any other messages from Slack will write out the message content as expected.

I am thinking it is something to do with the data type of those particular messages?

Any ideas or solutions would be much appreciated!

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Hey @Cameron_Pirrie

May be some format issue or unhandled in current version.

Kindly share some screenshots for better understanding.