Skype for business - Interaction to Trigger Automation


Has anyone successfully used the Skype for business client to enable users to interact with a bot, where the bot asks for input parameters and then executes and automation job?

How did you manage to achieve this end to end request and responses, which framework did you use and any special configuration required?


Hi @Inspired,

I am currently working on a side project in regarding of Skype for Business and UiPath that is currently on Connect!

This is still at early stage but feel free to input any idea / use cases you would expect it to handle.

Another alternative is to use Microsoft Bot Framework which integrate with Skype for Business among others IM providers, However this requires quite good knowledge of Asynchronous programing to be able to develop a solution.

On the other end, it is pretty straigthforward to deploy and scale later on, on Azure.




Thanks, simple use case, I want to add a channel to Skype for business “BusyBot” which can request to kick off one of multiple jobs available in UiPath.

Example interaction user clicks the channel to launch chat:

BusyBot: Hi, what can I help you with?
Human: Import weekly sales into Salesforce
BusyBot: Okay, you want to kick off the Salesforce Sales import job? (Yes) (No) clickable buttons.
Human: Yes
BusyBot: Do you have the sales in the upload spreadsheet format (Yes) (No) clickable buttons.
Human: Yes
BusyBot: Okay drag and drop the excel workbook into this chat window or click browse to upload (Browse)
Human: Action - Dragged and dropped an excel file into chat window
BusyBot: Thanks, please wait…Action UiPath robot reviews the excel workbook validates good to go with format etc then shows a snippet of the spreadsheet
Busybot: Shall I upload to Salesforce now? (Yes) (No need to upload again) (No stop)
Human: Clicks the Yes choice button
Busybot: No problem, please wait… - UiPath opens Sales App and returns status to human
Busybot: 10 records uploaded a total of $50,000 sales were posted to Salesforce for period A to B
Busybot: Are you happy with this or do I need to amend or cancel the transaction? (Happy) (Amend) (Cancel)
Human: Clicks happy
Busybot: Anything else I can help with? (Yes) (No)
Human: Clicks No

Does Skype or Teams or other chat channel allow drag and drop files into chat window or upload and present the user clickable response buttons to reduce typing?

What technology components are required to make this work end to end with UiPath Orchestrator API?

Skype for business is not used for interaction with a Bot but it is actually used for conducting online meetings, online trainings, sales demos etc. with clients, customers, business partners etc. It is at par with tools like R-HUB web conferencing servers, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. They work well.

Hello Paul,
Unfortunately, I don’t have specific Skype Bussines but here you see how you start Robot from Microsoft Teams:

and in this video you see triggers from multiple software:

Cristian Negulescu