Skipping a row in HTML table

I have a web based table and I will need to skip a row, if it doesnt meet certain criteria, and go to the next row. if it does, click on the atm number. I am having trouble getting it to click on the next one if it has to skip a row. I have done data scraping into a datatable. If there are rows in the table, I have a for each row. The picture is a copy of the table. any help is appreciated.


First you need to scrape data and then use a counter on the selectors.
do you have an initial project?


See the image, we use a variable count in the selector with a subsequent increment


the selector is a click activity

Hi @mlmyers
B@sed on th@t we c@n extr@ct by doing d@t@scr@pping


@shwin S

Thanks for the prompt response. editing the click selector does not appear to work for me. I have included pics of the workflow, and the message I am getting. I may have something wrong. thanks789 456

thanks for that. where would I put that logic?

I would not do any of that, dont use scraping when you dont actually need all the data… just get the selectors you need from the first row and identify how to get the same values from the other rows, after that use an “infinity” loop with a try/catch that will be there to end the logic when there are no more rows (if you dont have a counter).

Let me see your project

test1.xaml (24.6 KB)


Try repositioning your click activity. indicate on the screen the first line you want to click. Then enter the Selector and edit including the variable according to the activity selector. Can you attach the selector before changing it?

this is the selector after I indicate element:

You changed the selector in Open in UI Explorer?
Remove it
id - idx

can you show me this screen from Ui Explorer

One way to verify that the table is being extracted correctly is to use the append range. So we can verify if the problem is with the lines or selectors


Here is the UIExplorer. The table is being extracted correctly. I verified that first.

Hi @mlmyers

Is your problem still going on?
if yes, leave only Tag / tablerow / parentname selected. After that, with the right select the tablerow and transform into the variable

It is. What should the variable type be?

I have resolved this. it was the way I was adding the variable to the selector. At first I was clearing out the original selector and copying and paste the new selector with the variable inside. what worked for me was going to the side, not selecting the […] but editing inside. delete the original value, add both quotes, inside the quotes add both plus signs (++), inside the plus signs, when you start typing the variable it should appear for you to select. I also had to add.toString to my variable. Hope this helps the next person.

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