Skip the Write Range if the read range variable is empty

Hi can anyone please help in making me aware how can i make sure the data fetched from Datatable using Read range in Excel Application Scope to only enter those fields or rows (using write range ) which are filled and ignore the one’s are empty as i have to copy total 15 rows. And if somehow i only get 5 rows how can i jump to next step after writing only 5 Rows to the Excel.


Hi, if you have read data with Read Range and filled the Output, you can working with datatbles, here you can filter table or use loop with if with not null condition for each row.

Hi Nrok, thank you for taking out time and giving the suggestion can you please walk me through how can i filter table?

You can filter tables with many ways. The most known is Filter DataTable or with .Select. Please check the following links: