Skip some rows in Foreach Row

I am using ForEach row in datatable to read data row by row.
If specific condition is met I want to skip reading 2 rows and jump to the next row ( in other words, I want to increment row by 2, i.e, row=row+2 ), how can I do that?
I didn’t found Continue or Skip.
Please help.
Thank you.

Might help you!

Still I am not able to solve my problem. Can you please help me out with my test case.

I have a scenario where I will need to loop through a data table which has some URL’s and upload some files if that URL is valid. If it isn’t valid I need to skip that row and proceed to the next row. I am stuck here please help me out.

Do you have a way to know beforehand if the URL is valid or not? Is the only way to check opening a browser tab?

If the former is true, just put an If activity that checks for the condition and if it’s true, use a Continue activity (if this activity is put inside a for each loop, it will skip the current item and skip to the next one).

If the latter is true, use an Open Browser activity and if you get an error message, use again Continue activity.

Hope this helps even if it has almost been a year! :smile: