Orchestrator advanced Scheduling using cron expression

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Hi Badita,
I wanted to schedule my BOT to run once in every 15 minutes between 5 AM and 7 PM everyday. could you please help me.

You can use the below cron expression.
0 15 5-19 * * * * ?

Does orchestrator support 5/15 option as start 5 minutes pass certain hour and repeat every 15 minutes?
I would like to define a schedule as 0 5/15 13 5 * ? *
and orchestrator shows this as

I will reply to myself, the exact time is shown when mouse cursor is hoovering above the clock icon. Nevertheless, I would expect that right start time would be shown also in the appropriate place as well.
And yes, the cron worked as specified.

Hi Andrei,

Do we have the ability using Orchestrator scheduling to skip holidays in 2018.2? This feature if available would be very useful for processes that depend on working days only, without having to code in your process.


Hi Priya,

The feature “Holiday Calendar” will be available starting with Orchestrator 18.3.

You can actually try it out on beta.uipath.com.


@cristi_pufu, Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to it.


Hey @Andrei_Pop,

I have a process that sometimes takes 2 hours, or sometimes 5 minutes to run. It depends on the input it is getting.

Is there any feature that we can schedule the process in such a manner that when one run completes, another run will be after 5 minutes of completion of previous run.

Purvi Singhal

Hi @Purvi

I believe some works are being done on a feature that would fulfill this requirement. Stay tuned!


Hi @Purvi

I think you can already mostly achieve this in Orchestrator today (2018.4 at least).

The ‘Queued Jobs Scenarios’ section of the following link outlines quite well how Orchestrator handles multiple instances of the same process being queued on the same robot: https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/about-schedules

You could schedule the job every 5 minutes on the same robot and if there is already a job for that process in pending state on that same robot, the schedule will be skipped. This won’t however guarantee 5 minutes between each instance of the job; they will likely run back to back.

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Please help me in Orchestrator schedule to run every 15 minutes between 7:30AM to 17.15PM.

I am having Question Related to Advanced Scheduling Option.
Can some one please help me Schedule my Job at every alternate Friday. How can i make a Cron for the same.
Looking for the Quick response from the community.
Thanks in Advance.


I want to schedule a bot at 6 AM every first working day of week. Also it should trigger at every last working day of month.

Along with this, if its non working day on Monday, bot should trigger on Tuesday.

Holiday(Non working day) restrictions are added .
Can you please suggest here


Hola, disculpa tengo un problema un una expresion crono en la cual intento que tome el primer dia habil del mes, esto para que solo sea entre semana: (Free Online Cron Expression Generator and Describer - FreeFormatter.com)
la expresion que genero es la siguiente:
0 0 14 1W *? * *
Pero al ponerla en las opciones avanzadas, me envia un error de sintaxis

you can upload calendar by excel and schedule based on it

Thanks a ton for deep dive

Please help me to Orchestrator Schedule to run on 2pm, 6pm on same day in 1 schedule

Cron Expression : 0 * 14, 18 ? * * *

Hope this helps :slight_smile: