Simultaneous processes

hello everyone,

I have a process scheduled all day every 30 minutes.

In some cases, I need a job to perform certain operations that take longer than 30 minutes.

Is it possible from orchestrator to tell the process not to start the next scheduling if the job is running?

Consider that I have a machine template with 5 machines and 5 licenses connected, and that from trigger I cannot force the job on a specific machine, otherwise I would have solved it.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kumar802

I could not find a configuration that suits your needs, I know there is a configuration for Maximum pending jobs in case you are using queue triggers, but not for the Time triggers.

In the meantime you can vote for this feedback: Orchestrator - Feature request - Time Triggers - Feedback / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum

An alternative can be to create a background robot that checks the running processes and decide if launch a new one, background process can run along with other process in one of your machines.