Signing off the PDD - who signs off the TO-BE?

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First post, so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I have a doubt concerning the signing off of the PDD.

It makes sense that the SME and/or Key User signs off the AS-IS part, to have their confirmation that everything was understood correctly, and to avoid future Change Requests, because of mis communication.

But if they need to sign off the complete PDD, how can they agree with the TO-BE part ?
I mean, they will not share our view on how the automated process will work, what solution we choose (can be very different than the AS-IS), etc…

Should we maybe include an extra page after the AS-IS part where they can sign off the document ?

Or… ?



Hi @eparijs, Welcome

The To-Be Signoff needs to come from Business, Generally, someone empowered such as the Business Head, who will gather information about the project through the SME’s.

The To-Be is some sort of proposal on how the automated process would work later on, The business side being the user of it. If they are not sharing the vision you have, you might be in trouble and you may consider redesigning.

Of course, Governance is very different between companies but this is the idea behind in general.


Thanks Florent