Significance of logF_BusinessProcessName


Can you please let me know the significance of logF_BusinessProcessName in the Config file? I see in the REFramework code, there is Add Log fields activity where logF_BusinessProcessName is set the value from the config file.
In the config file I see the description that this is useful to group subprocesses of a process. But still it’s not clear why we need this and how best can we use this feature.
Can you please clarify.

Thanks in advance!

A single business process may require multiple separate workflows to complete.

Let’s say that for one process we need to submit bills to a website, wait a few days, and then confirm that the bill was successfully paid out. We may want to split this process into two workflows: one to submit the bills and one to confirm they were paid. Assuming we don’t call these the same exact name they will show up in the logs under different process names.

However, if we add the logF_BusinessProcessName log field and make it the same for both then we can look up all logs for both workflows in the process by searching for the business process name.


Here, do you mean querying directly in the database table? Or is there a way to search logs specific to the entered logF_BusinessProcessName ? Kindly clarify.

Yes, you can look in the database table or in a third party tool like Kibana if you use that. We have a log viewing application called LogExpert that allows us to filter the log by lines, so we can tell it to only display lines for a specific process.

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