Add log field question

Hi team,

just a quick question, inside “if first run” sequence of REFramework, there is an add log fields to insert the business process name. The scope of this activity is “to create reports and visualizations about the process”: i doesn’t understand the logic behind, considering that i’ve just the process name by default in logs, what is the real usage of this activity?

processName":“Logging level Training”


Thanks in advance

we would use in case of e.g. we want to add some markers to the logs. The activity is adding additional log fields to the log line

Thanks peter,
i know the logic behind the activity, i’m not understanding the usage of this activity in REFramework.

What does it mean “can be used to create reports” considering that i just have the process name inside log field by default?

later the logs can be analyzed, processed, be used for reports e.g. Kibana. Here we can make benefit from this markers

Well as the name implies it is for logging the business process name. The purpose is to simply add process name for easy identification and reference.