SignalR IIS Logs Flood With Logs

Resolution when SignalR - IIS Logs flood with logs .

Issue Description: Orchestrator server running out of disk space potentially causing outage. IIS Log for Orchestrator growing to enormous size.

IIS logs contain huge number of entries formatted like:

DATE TIME Orchestrator_IP_Address POST /signalr/hubs/signalr/poll clientProtocol=2.1&transport=longPolling&connectionData=[SOME_DATA] 443 - Robot_IP_Address SignalR.Client.NetStandard/ - 200 0 0 0

Issue Resolution:

  1. Restart Robot Service on Robot_IP_Address and check to see if the excessive log entries continue. Note: There could be more than one offending Robot_IP_Address, so check the IIS Log thoroughly. If the log entries continue from Robot_IP_Address(es) then proceed to step 2.
  2. Adjust SignalR settings for Scalability in Orchestrator to be WebSocket only by going to Orchestrator -> Settings -> Scalability -> leave only WebSocket option checked -> Save


  1. Restart the Robot service after saving.

More details can be found in SignalR guide .
After upgrading the Orchestrator, revert the changes by checking all the options under the scalability settings within the Orchestrator.