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Hello Dear Community, Here is Luis Fernando Pazos “The Venezuelan First RPA Developer” as I like to call myself.

For the first time I`m using this a space to give feedback rather than searching for answers. I want to address something which was bothering me a bit a while ago, related of course to UiPath Apps, but specifically with sizing the pages depending on the modal of display you are going to rather use.

I made a help topic about this in the Community not long ago: Should I re think the sizes of my app pages?

If you go to the link you can see that I had trouble displaying a page in “Pop Over mode” cause it always cut my page and It made my app look bad. Certaintly I knew I was doing something wrong, and the solution supposedly was that the container has to have a max of 60% of width, which I didn´t thought is was meant for the page level at first. But the thing I want to address is this…
Your container “can” have a “60%” of width(as you can see on image 1), and that`s good, but the result won´t be what you expect…(Image 2)

Image 1:

Image 2: As you can see the result of the page in Pop over Modal is not what you would expect

Then I realize that maybe the 60% width should be applied at page level container. So I when to its attributes and try to configure width to “60%” and as you can see in Image 3, % porcentual unit is not available for size configuration.
Image 3

So I had to use the only unit available and try testing sizes until one fitted well, which eventually did. As you can see in the next to images the final size of whole page and the display in Pop Over Mode looks great.

So that`s all about the matter and hope someone sees this little note usefull.

Luis Fernando Pazos
The Venezuelan First RPA Developer

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