Should I learn C# or VB.NET?

I am a student who wants to become an RPA expert through Uipath.
The computer that I can do is like an Excel, and I don’t know how to code or programming. I only know the basics about algorithms.

As I study through Uipath, there is an unknown part.

  1. What can I learn to write when I start with [IF] (now(time.AddHours(2), “0-2”,_) as shown in the picture?
    The Uipath Academy didn’t teach me about this.
    I don’t understand why that part is written like that.

  2. That’s the programming language like C# or VB.NET?

  3. So, if I learn computer language like C#, can I write that part myself?
    If not, what can I learn to understand and write that part?

It could be too stupid question.
However, I want to be able to write that part myself.

Can you give me some advice about this problem?


No worries
welcome to uipath community
–yah we can learn either because the new uipath commnity edition has got the option to choose which language we are going to use or we want to use
–so i would suggest to learn first as most of the methods used are from that language

Cheers @sphencer


Hi @sphencer

I guess either way will do but for now UIPATH Stable language was and they are working to use the Welcome to the UIPATH Forum

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


Thank you for your advice~!


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