Toolbox for favorite activities

Hi, I propose to have a toolbox with only icons for favorite activities instead of the icon-description pairs. Many icons can be put on a dockable panel and easy to choose from instead of scrolling or typeing the list.
A very-similar toolbox from excel VB editor:

Hi @epalotai
But there are a lot of activities that have similar icons

for example : (Type Into, Type Secure Text) (anchor, text exists) or any other custom activity

a workaround would be to wait for a description to show up, but this is going to slow down the process a little bit.


I really support this idea . it is very difficult to type and get the activity, esp when project panel is opened, we need to flip to activity panel and then type - really time taking

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Hi @FebinKAndrews

For now, you can use the Ctrl + Alt + F shortcut to quickly set focus on the activity search bar.

I agree with @reda that the icons would need to be differentiated a lot to allow for easy recognition on such a toolbar. Interesting idea though :slight_smile:

Hi all,
the problem is if I quickly want to find “Delay” and I start to type it in (just because I get used to it), all other activities disappear and then the text filed needs to be cleared to get the list of favorites again.
I know redrawing icons is a big work. As an alternate you could make it a bit compact and fixed in the same place. And Favorites “panel” should not disappear when searching an activity. I have made an ugly img in paint :slight_smile:

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This is also valid point- i have faced same issue of even favourite is disappearing- good suggestion. but i think this panel needs to have a better design after taking consolidated view from various developers.

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