Sharing violation when saving file (MS Paint)

Hi, I am using RPA which does the following:
For each PNG file in specfic folder;
i) Open application: MS Paint
ii) Open each PNG file using on MS Paint using Ctrl+O(open file)
iii) sent hotkey “Ctrl+S” to MS Paint (save)
iv) Close application: MS Paint
I can remove the transparency of PNG files using this task.

It worked perfectly until yesterday, however, a problem occurred in step iii) above in this morning.
When RPA sends hotkey “Ctrl+S” to MS Paint, Windows displays the following error message:
“Sharing violation on path”

There is no problem when this is done by a person on the same computer and, the RPA worked perfectly until yesterday as I said.

Please someone give me any advice to this problem.

While saving try to save with new file name so that I hope this error won’t occur

Can you provide a screen shot of the error and the saving file path

Right MSG Box means: “Do you want save the changes to ‘Path’?”

Left MSG Box means: “Sharing violation has been occured when accessing ‘Path’”