Photoshop images savings

I am having about 50 images I need that images open in paint one by one and same image need to save in another folder is this possible?

which actions will you do in paint / photoshop. What exact datatype are the files of?

In Photoshop error will occur for some images(JPEG).To avoid that error
We will open that same image in paint and save as it is. After that the image will open without error in Photoshop. Like this we will do it for 40-50 images.

Steps I follow :-
Opening paint tool, opening image and then save it

Like this I tried it for all images.

had you already tried with

  • Load Image activity
  • Save Image activity

So we could avoid ui automations which increases the reliability

Hi Peter,

I am just a beginner. First i tried it by opening application- click - select open file - and select image - save it.
Now I tried it with your advice. Please find the xaml file and correct me if any changes are needed. It will be a great help for me.

paint image saving.xaml (5.98 KB)

kindly note the courses offered on UiPath Academy as it helps for starting

Your flow could look like following:

For each activity - loop over all files

  • load image activity
  • save image activity

Hi Pete,

I am having a group of photos around 40 - 50 images in folder.
I need to open that image one by one in paint and save that image in another folder.

Only paint tool will be used for this case.

I hope you understand this scenario

Hello @Abdul_Rahman2 ,

Instead of doing this conversion using paint and photoshop check the below post.
There you can find some activities which can help you for this format conversion.

Still if you want to do it as Ui automation. Then get all the filenames from the directory. “Directory.GetFiles(“FolderPaht”)”

use foreach activity and open it using Application/Browser activity.
Then you can do the ui automation for the saving.