Save Image Activity - path error

Hello, everybody,

when saving a screenshot I get an error message.
“Save Image: Save image failed. Check if the file name is a valid path”

If I choose a static path, for example
…everything goes through correctly.

For a dynamic path, for example
“H:\Data\Screenshot” & now.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy_HH:mm”) & “.png”
an error message is issued. Where is my mistake?

“H:\Data\Screenshot\” + now.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy_HH:mm”) + “.png”

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Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either.
I’ve already tried triple “”", it doesn’t work either,.

“H:\Data\Screenshot\” + now.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy_HH:mm”) + “.png”
try this @Kytyzow you were missing slash after Screenshot

Unfortunately also negative.

“H:\Data\Screenshot\” + Date.Now.ToString(“MM-dd-yyyy HH\hmm\minss\s”) + “.png”
try this! @Kytyzow


The mistake was in the part… HH:mm…
If I leave it out, everything works, or if I input your part.


"D:\Pdf"+ now.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”) +".png"
you can do your method only!
slight format mistake,

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