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I am new to UiPath.I know how to create a Library and use it on my own machine.How to publish it internally in my organisation and how to publish it to all the other UiPath users?


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make it a nuget package and share it to the people whoever you want to. So that they can place it in their local folder and install directly in studio.

If you want to publish to all the other UiPath users, upload it to and people will download it if needed

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Hi @Asiri,

You can publish your library via UiParh studio using publish button on top of the screen

In terms of where … That hugely depends on your infrastructure setup:

  1. If you have an Orchestrator (in your company; CE does not allow for that) you can publish your library into Orchestrator

  2. If your IT dep allows for that, you can request a nuget server and then let all the internal users know where is the server (they will be able to link UiPath studio to that server and use your libraries)

  3. If option one and two are not available (or you don’t want to go that way) you can setup a shared folder (network drive) and it can serve as a basic nugget server :slight_smile: (linked the same way any other source would be linked)

  4. If you want your libraries to be publicly available you can publish your libraries on Go (UiPaths platform)

  5. There is also a public option on

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Above all the stuff, if you want to go deep into the technology,
You can use the GIT or SVN if you people are working on the same workflow. Even if not, for sharing also you can use that.

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