How to share reusable components between Uipath projects

Hi There,
We have developed few custom components based on the custom requirements, these components could be categorised as Foundational components.

Now, our client wants these components as distributable package or libray which could be served across project teams for rapid development.

Need your expertise on this.

Nivas Kannan

Hi @nivaskannan
Of course you can create a custom UiPath library and use across projects.
See below

Hey @nivaskannan

Yes you can either create a package of those if you want them or if they are single workflow then also you can use them from Library. but you have to put it in library folder to use them.


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Is it possible to have a Library folder with many reusable xaml files used by multiple developers in their respective machines and have it synced across as well?

Hi All,
I tried all your suggestions, the are my observations in it. I hope UiPath will provide better code sharing feature in the future.

  1. From Library: It creates a local copy at the project level, update in the library won’t reflect seamlessly in the code base.

  2. From common shared location:
    * This adds additional delay during runtime to run the xaml
    * Common code won’t be part of your project package, deployment will become more cumbersome

Do you have any other view on this?

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We finally got some solution for this, UiPath provided better code sharing feature in 2018.3.beta version.

Please find the details in this link

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