Sharepoint Issue Trying to filter out List based on View and getting unauthorized operation

Sharepoint URL is working when i give only “https://******.com/sites/”
and then trying to give the remaining in Get List item but getting error what type of CAML query need to use

Full URL:

Filter Based on below highlighted one

Hi @Aravinthan ,

Could you maybe try adapting the Query to the one in the below Post :

Let us know if this doesn’t help and How was the Query used in your case and error messages if any.

Hi Aravinthan, as you can see full URL contains some authorization parameters, which means to navigate from “https://.com/sites/FLQA/FXA/" to "https://.com/sites/FLQA/FXA/" some authentications need to be passed. I think you can navigate to "https://*****.com/sites/FLQA/FXA/” and then navigate using click activity.

Thank you

Guys is possible to share any sample xaml for sharepoint Get List Items