SharePoint - Download file at the root folder

Hello folks,

Is there a way to download file placed at root level of SharePoint.

If I place this testFile.xlsx inside any sub-directory, there is no error. However, Trying to download from root directory, throws me this -

Also, this is the list of activities I get with MicrosoftOffice365 package (version 2.2.1)

Hi @kaurM

could you please share the screenshot of your download file activity( with properties panel)


looks like its failing in find files

first of all…did you give file name in query and left sub folder empty?

also is the user used havign permissions to main root folder


in_FileName > TestFile.xlsx
in_DriveName > “Documents”
in_URL > is also populated

yes , correct. I left SubFolder blank and Query is populated with the file name to be searched.
Yes, the user has permissions to the main root folder.

try to check sub folder also having permission some times it required permission for each even though we get main folder permission too

There is no subFolder in this case. I need to download file from the root directory (Documents) itself.


It is failing is find only and as per error user is not authenticated

In that case, bot should be failing to find file in any of the subFolders as well, which is not the case.


then that means document library level access is missing and folder level access is there