Sharepoint Add to Existing List Item

Hi I am using the the UiPath Sharepoint Activities package

I am trying to update an existing list item and add to an existing column in it.
Can someone help me with how the Dictionary syntax is suppose to look for this.

Here is an example, but this is for creating a new list item entirely. I want to add to an already existing list item.

My solution needs to go into this sequence. I am also not familiar with CAML query so I am not sure what it is asking. Can anyone help? Please and thank you.

Hi @bfmugri,

Syntax should be somewhat like below:

New Dictionary(Of String, Object) From {{“column name goes here”,Text}}


For some reason I am getting an error. I also tried it with New Dictionary(Of String, Object) but both my key values are strings. UiPath also cannot locate my strRFQID variable from inside the From(“RFQ ID”, strRFQID). It does show a .strRFQID ← it wants to put a period infront of it for some reason.

Hi @bfmugri,

If you will refer properties panel, you would notice , it can only accept string and object type.

And then CAML query will be something like below:

In this case, this query is updating the column value of column defined in dictionary where file name is as defined.

You can update it per your requirement.